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Aeyamora is a world split by race and religion. Before the times of the old gods, only mortals inhabit the universe. Existing within these mortals are a variety of races, both known and unknown to the world, who strive to make a place for themselves in land, merit, wealth, and an ever rising tension between the rise of the first "gods".

The year is 468, and a large part of the world is war torn.

The continent of Prathos is currently in a state of war. Acryae has just defeated the followers of Xarakus, the group of Tieflings who believed the world should bow before them. With the help of Atbonia, the war ended with victory, and Xarakus was forced to flee into the ocean. Atbonia, with their army split, were ambushed by Koprua. Koprua, a region of Tabaxi, are warriors at heart and jump at the opportunity of war, and a splitting of an army is just what they had hoped for. Astraria, the region of Aasimar, has heard rumors of the Dragonborn assisting the Tieflings, whom they dislike due to their demonic background, and currently have a small party skirting its way to the capital of Atbonia to find the truth of these rumors. The only peace in Prathos right now is in Naspar. Due to the peaceful ways of the Firbolg, and the sheer power they have, Naspar is usually a quiet, peaceful place to live.

Prathos is relatively peaceful compared to Aluin.

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